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So it has been over 2 and half months since I posted anything here.  I guess I better bring you up to speed on my life over that time.

April is always a busy month, with the Maine State Math Meet.  This year the event was held on April 5th at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland.  It was the largest meet we have ever had.  Kathy and I go down on the Sunday afternoon before the meet, and spend Monday afternoon getting everything set up – from registration tables, to putting name tags on the tables for schools, to setting up the computer scoring network, and setting up the grading room.  My team usually arrives shortly after 5:00 pm, and I take them out to eat for supper.  On the day of the meet, I arrive onsite at 7:00, the meet generally ends around 3:00, and I try to be on the road for home by 4:00.

Once I recover from that event, we usually are close to April vacation, which it seems that I managed to get through without spending EVERY day at C-Prompt.

Once we hit May, things start picking up again.  My AP Calculus class took their AP exam on May 5th, so we had about a week of final preparation for that.  I began meeting with each senior Mountain Time to start going over expectations for graduation, including dress code, procedures, and doing some practice marching.  We took the Brigade group from church down to New England Frontier Camp for the weekend of the 20th for the annual Camp-O-Rama, which is a lot of fun.

The last full week of May was not really full for school, as we had no students on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.  We had a workshop day instead.  On Saturday we went to Jonathan and Karolyne Sloma’s wedding (Jonathan works for me at C-Prompt), and it was a beautiful wedding.  On Memorial Day itself I ended up spending about 4 hours in school getting things taken care of that needed to be done.

Thursday, June 2nd was our first formal Marching Practice getting the seniors ready for graduation.  Friday morning was our Senior breakfast, and then we had two more Marching activities on Monday June 6th, and then the Senior Farewell Assembly on Tuesday, June 7th.  I actually ended up going home early that day as I did not feel well at all.

Then that afternoon we headed down to Oxford to my folks where we spent the night, so that Kathy could get me to Portland by about 6:15 so I could catch a 7:20 flight out to Kansas City by way of Chicago.  In fact, that’s where I am currently writing this from.  I’m here grading the AP Calculus exam, and have finished 6 straight days of grading.  Tomorrow is our last day, and then I fly back home on Thursday.

Friday is our last day of school, so I’ll be working hard to get grades done and my room cleaned up.  I have very little time for this, as we plan to move on Saturday down to Frontier Camp in Lovell for the summer, where Matthias will be a Senior Counselor, Peter will be a CIT (Counselor-in-Training), Kathy and Annie will be helping out in the Laundry area and ordering food for the kitchen, and I’ll be helping out wherever I might be needed around camp.  I may have to come home each week to tend to things at C-Prompt, but we intend to spend a full 8 weeks at camp.

So – that’s where things have been for me the past several weeks, and that’s where things are going for the next 8 or so.  Maybe I’ll do better at keeping this updated while at camp!.

School vacation does not generally mean vacation, unfortunately.  Yesterday at church, one man said he thought vacation for me meant just go work another job.  However, I DID sleep in today until almost 7:00, and am having a relaxing morning, since the store is not open. (Although I just got an e-mail from someone wondering if we open and if he could drop off his laptop today.  I replied and told him that if necessary I could meet him there this morning.  I guess what they way is true – if you own your own business, you only have to work half time.  It’s up to you which 12 hours of the day you choose to work.)

This afternoon we’re taking the boys from the Brigade group at church on an overnight.  We’re going to a friend’s camp in N. Anson this afternoon, where we will have a fun time in the snow, playing games, cooking supper over an open fire, and playing board games.  The cabin has a wood stove for heat, but no running water.  (Actually, there is running water – you can run up the hill to get it!)  Jeremy will come late afternoon and do some winter survival activities with the boys.  After breakfast in the morning we will clean up and get the boys home by lunch.

The rest of the week is somewhat unscheduled except for Thursday afternoon into Friday.  Friday morning I have to be in Portland at the Civic Center to meet with their tech guy about setting up computers to connect to their display screens during the Maine State Math Meet in April for our scoring system.  We will likely head that direction Thursday afternoon, and may schedule some other things on this trip.

Of course, if this is like any other vacation, I will fill it up with plenty of other things to do.  I need to do some projects around the house.  I need to get the taxes at C-Prompt done so that I can do my home taxes.  I need to do some paperwork for the State Math Meet.  I need to grade a few papers in my briefcase.  Somehow, I think I’ll manage to have a hectic week!.

Normally, my day begins about 5:00 am when my alarm goes off.  This morning, I managed to wake up at 4:30 am, primarily due to the fact that Kathy had “stolen” the covers. (Not really, but it’s fun to blame her!).  So, I was up for the day at 4:30.  By 7:00 I was heading out the door to school.  After school, Kathy picked me up so we could go to Farmington to do about 5 different quick errands, and then we came back to New Vineyard to C-Prompt, where I had to get a customer’s laptop ready to ship out.

We then made it up to church in time for the 5:30 spaghetti dinner and the 6:30 Matthew Video Bible Study, before finally getting home again about 7:15.

Now that I look at my day, I realize why I’m exhausted!  It’s (hopefully) an early bed tonight so I can get caught up on some sleep!.

We had a computer come into the shop today that is infected with a fairly new Rogue Security Software called Palladium Pro.  Basically, this software gets a piece of itself into the computer and gives out dire threats about being infected.  It informs you that you need to “Click Here” to install the scanner and cleaner.  When the user does this, it allows the machine to reboot, and upon reboot the user is presented with a new interface – the Palladium Pro security software that looks legitimate.  It runs a “scan”, and then informs the user that to remove the malware, you need to enter your payment information.

These rogue security programs are all over the place.  The best defense is for the user to know what security software they have installed, and then ignore these dire warnings from other programs when they appear, and immediately run a scan with your real security software.

In the case of this computer than came in to the shop, I brought it home this evening and am currently backing up all the data.  Once that is done, we will wipe out the machine and re-install the operating system.  As you can imagine, this is a real nuisance for the user, as the user then needs to re-install all their programs and get their settings changed back to what they are used to having.

Please – for your own sake – don’t click on these “Rogue” security software programs, and certainly NEVER give your credit card information out to one of these companies..

I’ve got to do a better job of taking time off.  I think God was very specific in his commands to work 6 days out of the week, and rest on the seventh.  Unfortunately, like most people I know, I have a tendency to fill my schedule 7 days a week.

Take today, for example.  I actually managed to sleep in until quarter of 6.  Then I was up for the day, working on various things until time to head to church for our 9:00 am Family Bible Study.  Following that was our 10:00 am Morning Service, where we are slowly working through the book of Galatians.  I say slowly, because we spent 3 weeks discussing and studying the first 10 verses.  Today we finally got past those 10 verses, and had a great conversation about the rest of the first chapter.

After lunch, Kathy and I went down to C-Prompt, where I wanted to work through our business taxes for 2010.   Unfortunately, I discovered I have a lot more work to do in Quickbooks before I can really go at the taxes.  Since I can log in over the internet to the store, I came home with the paperwork I needed, intending to work on that this afternoon.

However, instead I worked on getting Kathy’s new website set up for her, and then I played around with setting up my new website, experimenting with a couple of different templates.  The bottom line is that now it is about 7:30, and it will soon be time for me to think about heading to bed, to get ready for the new week.

I hope eventually I will learn to keep one day a week a lot less scheduled and take a day of REST!.