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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Facebook has this interesting habit of reminding you of things that occurred on this day in previous years. The last few weeks have included many things I posted in relation to reading AP Calculus exams in Kansas City which are a lot of fun to look back on. In addition, there have been numerous reminders of things that occurred two years ago at this time. Some of those reminders have stirred up feelings and memories that I had pushed to the back of my mind.

This morning I was reminded that two years ago today (June 18th) was my last day of work at Mt. Abram High School. This picture I stopped to take as I left the school as a teacher for the last time.

My daughter, Annie, had spent the day with me as we emptied my classroom and loaded the suburban with 24 years of materials and memories. When we got home, I walked into the dining room and broke down and cried.

But life goes on. And the change, although hard, has been a very good one.

For the past two years I have been the district math coach in RSU #74 in North Anson. This involved joining the Maine Mathematics Coaching Project (MMCP) at the University of Maine at Farmington, which included 3 graduate level courses, some summer seminars, and visits from a field coach supervisor each semester to observe me while I was coaching a teacher and giving me feedback.

My job as a coach is working with teachers primarily. I support them in their classrooms, sometimes co-teaching or modeling a lesson, while other times I observe and give them feedback. I get to interact with children of all ages throughout the district now, as opposed to having just one classroom where I have 6 or 7 different classes.

This has opened up new opportunities for me as well. Currently I am on the advisory board for the MMCP. In addition, the project has received a grant to expand the coaching project to include grades 9 – 12, and I will be working to help develop those courses. I have also had opportunities to be involved with the College Board on setting standards for the new SAT, as well as a standards alignment for the new SAT.

As I wrap up my second year in RSU #74 I realize how fortunate I am to have made this transition. I have the ability to impact many more students, and at a much younger age, than in my job at Mt. Abram. Although at one point I believed I would spend my entire career at Mt. Abram, this change has overall been a very positive one for me. Although I miss many of the people that I used to work with, I have found some great new people that I work with as well.

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