It’s been a crazy two weeks. . .

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow!  Has it really been two weeks since I last updated?  I think I’ve been a little busy. . .

Let’s see – vacation is long over, and I’m having a hard time remembering what I did.  I know that a snow storm at the end of the week cancelled a trip to Portland, and I spent several hours down at Clearwater working with Philip on the call in thermostat, that allows one to call the camp and turn the heat up before arriving.  As of last night, we STILL don’t have it working correctly.  We ended up replacing much of the phone wiring in the camp, and it still did not resolve the issue.  One would think the unit itself should be replaced, but Philip has already done that and it still isn’t working correctly.

Kathy and I did end up going to Portland on Saturday – kind of a quick trip down and back.  However, that didn’t take care of the reason that I needed to go, so I had to reschedule that for this past Friday.  Before we get to Friday, however, another snow storm extended vacation by a day.  I did NOT need to miss a Gold Day – that’s the day my AP Calculus class is on and every class period is necessary to get kids prepared for the AP exam on May 4th.  Then, Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week were chaotic with no classes due to the scheduled Exit Exhibition presentations by the seniors.  Overall, those presentations were quite good, but they are also quite draining.

We finally had classes on Thursday last week, but then I had to go to Portland on Friday so my student teacher covered classes.  I STILL haven’t seen my Gold Day classes since before vacation!  My brother Doug and I had to go the Civic Center to test out displaying the scores from the Maine State Math Meet on the displays around the Civic Center – that meet is on April 5th and we needed to be sure we could interface with their system.  Once we were done, Matthias (who had come down with me) and I went over to Lovell to New England Frontier Camp for the weekend where we helped out running the Father and Son weekend.  We had a great time, and it was actually somewhat relaxing.

By the time we got home Sunday afternoon, it was looking pretty definite that school would be cancelled yet again, and sure enough at 4:45 this morning my phone rings to tell me there is no school.  So I spent the day on two major projects.  The first was to get seating plans and proctoring assignments put together for the State Math Meet, and the second was to print over 550 name tags for the Home School convention this coming weekend.  I have completed the printing (although we had to go to C-Prompt to finish), and I made good progress on the State Meet stuff, although there is a lot more to do.

Because of the weather ( it was very icy up here today), and because the ISP for the store had an outage all day, we did not open C-Prompt at all.  Hopefully no one came in looking for us!

The real down side of today was when David came inside and told us there was a window broken in the Suburban.  It turns out that a chunk of ice had fallen off the roof, slid down the mud room roof, and smashed right through the drivers window in the Suburban and landed on the passenger floor.  The window is completely gone (actually, it is in hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces).  We are getting a used window at a junk yard tomorrow for $75.00, and Rob will help us get it installed.

This week is going to be crazy as well.  Tuesday after school I have math team practice, then come home for supper and Brigade at the church building.  Wednesday we have a math meet and are leaving school at 11:45 and won’t get home until probably 8:00.  Kathy, Annie, David, and Elias are going from the math meet in Augusta to Rockland for the Home School convention, where they will be until Saturday evening.  That leaves Matthias and Peter and I with one vehicle to get around in, and on Friday I have to leave school a little early to go the Augusta for a math league board meeting.

Boy – just writing about all these things is tiring me out.  I think I’ll head to bed early tonight. . ..

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