Campers arrive today

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The last two weeks have flown by. We have been real busy here at New England Frontier Camp getting ready for the campers to arrive today.

I have been doing a variety of things. We are working to rebuild the Hillside Campfire site, and to that end we’ve been working on cutting logs and splitting them to make benches. These then need to have the bark stripped, and then taken down to the site to be installed. There are currently two benches in place, two more at the site ready to install, two more at the top of the property ready to take down, and one more log ready to split into two benches.

I have also been assisting the Camp Director with some of the training for the staff, and helping to coordinate tasks for everyone. It’s hard to realize that two weeks have gone by since we arrived – time just seems to disappear here!

Kathy has been working on a variety of things as well. She is responsible for the laundry for camp, both for the kitchen as well as for the staff. There are two washers and two dryers available, but if all 4 machines are turned on at once it pops the circuit breaker. Her preference in any event is to hang laundry out to dry, so she does that whenever possible. In addition to laundry, she is helping behind the scenes in the kitchen, with menu planning, food ordering, and some baking. And, of course, she still tries to do some school work with the kids – just because it is summer doesn’t mean learning stops!

Matthias is a huge help to the camp director in the office. He is doing all camper registrations and taking care of filing paperwork, entering payments, and organizing the camp store. From his Facebook post last night (or rather this morning), it appears he was up until about 3:00 am finishing up things for today.

Peter is a CIT – Counselor in Training. He and two other CIT’s have the task of getting the Hillside Campfire site ready. They have cleared out the old benches, started placing new benches, raked out the entire area, and are working on rebuilding the steps up that area. For many years the steps have been logs, which have rotted away, and the CIT’s decided to replace those with rock steps. Friday night the three of them spent the night in the woods. Initially they thought they were going on what is termed a “solo”, where they are by themselves for the night. They were given a list of items that they could “purchase”, being able to spend 10 points. For example, 3 matches were worth 2 points. A sleeping bag was 4 points. They had to make a choice from a dozen or more things to take with them. We actually, however, put them together, not separate. They were placed at their site about 5:30 Friday afternoon. They were not allowed to come out until the next morning, and they all had to memorize a different passage of scripture that they were given before they could leave. By 3:00 pm Saturday they were finally out of the woods – hungry, tired, and smelly, but having successfully completed the assignment.

Annie is helping out in different things around the kitchen and laundry as well. She regularly cuts up fruit or vegetables for meals, and she also helps mom to watch over the younger ones. David and Elias find ways to help as well, whether it is clearing tables, setting tables, or setting up chairs.

This afternoon the first batch of campers arrive. The staff has worked hard to prepare themselves and to prepare the camp for the arrival. Please pray for a successful ministry, reaching boys for Christ as well as helping them grow and mature in the faith. Pray all summer for the staff, as they work to be the servants that God wants them to be..

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