NEFC – Week 1

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 1 saw a total of 61 people in camp. Of those 61, there are 3 CIT’s, 9 Stockaders, 14 Battalion campers, and 4 Frontiersmen. The remaining 31 people are various counselors, administrative staff, cooks, maintenance, nurse, and families.

The Stockaders are campers that are 8 – 11 years old. The Battalion Campers are ages 12 and up. The 3 CIT’s (Counselor in Training) are all 16 years old and have been in camp with the staff since Pre-Camp began 3 weeks ago. The Frontiersmen are 13 – 16 years old, and have a schedule that involves service as well as program activities.

During the week, the Stockade and Battalion campers each choose two skill sessions that they are in throughout the week. These sessions include things such as Archery, Air Riflery, Air Soft, .22, Chess, Wakeboarding, and more. They spend an hour and half in each session each day. In addition to these sessions, they spend time in Bible Exploration each morning with their senior counselor, they have a game time, and each afternoon they have a couple of hours of free swim time. In the evening they have some type of evening action time, and the night closes with a campfire of songs, skits, and stories.

This week forced a change in our weekly trip for Battalion. Normally, Battalion does an overnight trip Wednesday afternoon into Thursday. Because of the forecast, we moved that trip to Thursday afternoon into Friday morning. One group of campers climbed Blueberry Mountain and spent the night on the mountain, and the other group did a Canoe Trip down the Saco River. While the Battalion is off on their trips, the Stockade has a somewhat free afternoon, and then has Tin Foil Dinners someplace in camp for supper. They also have a flexible morning the next day, and their breakfast is cooked out over a fire.

These trips and cookouts are designed to give staff an extended period of time where they can talk with campers about Christ or other issues campers may be struggling with. It is also a great experience for the campers, whether they spend the night on a mountain or enjoy canoeing down the river. Part of what we want to do here is get campers to see nature in a way that they may have not seen before, and use that as an opportunity to talk about the creator of all things.

A few campers will be spending two weeks. Saturday, when the rest of the campers leave, these two weekers will be engaged in various activities around camp. They will be joined by a new batch of campers Sunday afternoon as we move into week 2.

During this past week, I spent time driving the boat for the wakeboarding craft, made drives into town for various supplies needed, drove the hiking trip out to Blueberry mountain, and ended the week being responsible for things as the camp director needed to be out of camp for 24 hours.

Kathy was extremely busy this week helping in the kitchen as well as trying to keep up on the laundry. She is working hard behind the scenes to help keep track of food available, as well as to help place the order each week.

Continue to pray for us as we serve here, pray for the staff as they interact with campers, and pray that the campers are impacted in a positive way in their relationship with God..

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