NEFC – Week 2

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 2 here at NEFC has just ended. This week saw a total of 63 people on camp, plus 10 more people spending the week on the Moose River on a Canoeing Adventure Trip. We had 9 Stockaders, 17 Battalion boys, 7 campers on the Moose River trip, and 5 Frontiersmen. The remaining people were counselors, nurses, kitchen staff, maintenance, and other assorted support people.

The Canoe Trip left Monday morning about 10:00 am, and returned to camp Friday evening about 9:00 pm. They went up to the Jackman area where they canoed on the Moose River for the week, with their final day doing some white water rafting.

Because the Canoe Trip had the canoe trailer, one of the vans, and several canoes, the Battalion did not go out of camp for their weekly trip this week. Instead, they hiked up to near the end of the road to a large clearing left by the logging company and engaged in several activities involving Air Soft. In case you do not know what Air Soft is, think of BB guns with plastic BB’s, instead of metal BB’s. When they play Air Soft, they wear eye and fact protection, and create various scenarios where one group defends a location and another group attacks. Some of the counseling staff get very involved in this – camouflage clothing, high powered Air Soft rifles, and more. The Battalion absolutely loves these activities. They had their supper up there, camped out in the open area, and came back to camp late morning after breakfast and more Air Soft.

This week in addition to driving the motor boat for the Wake-boarding craft, I also took over the Junior Counselor Bible Ex and the Senior Counselor Bible Ex. I began each group with a discussion on legalism, and we kind of followed the topic wherever it would go. I led both groups into the book of Galatians, partly because that was the book we were working through in church on Sunday mornings before we came down to camp, so it was fresh in my mind. I suspect we will continue that discussion this coming week.

I DID take a day off this week (sort of). Tuesday Kathy and I dropped the 3 youngest kids in Oxford at my folks house, and headed to Kingfield. Kathy worked at the house on the garden, while I did about 4 computer calls. We came back to get the kids and managed to get back to camp just in time for evening campfire.

Today, after lunch, we took a trip to Gorham, NH. It’s about 45 minutes north of N. Conway, NH, where we typically go on weekends for staff to go shopping. However, the Wal-mart in N. Conway is a small one, and we have bought them out of candy for the snack shack. We decided we needed to go to a Super Wal-Mart to get what we needed, and the closest one (in NH) is in Gorham. So we left after lunch, with a couple of staff members, and got back about 5 hours later.

Tomorrow begins our biggest week yet of the summer. Currently, we are short-handed in the kitchen, so this will be a quite a challenge. We’re sure God will provide the staffing that we need, but it’s getting close to the beginning of the week and we are still waiting to see how he is going to work things out.

Thanks for continuing to pray for us as we serve here at NEFC!.

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