NEFC – Week 3

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 3 here at NEFC is drawing to a close today. This has been our biggest week yet, with 84 people on camp for the first half of the week, and 74 for the second half. There were 5 Father n Son pairs that came in on Sunday and left on Wednesday.

This has also been the busiest week so far for our family. We did not have an assistant cook this week, so Kathy spent many hours in the kitchen cooking, in addition to trying to stay on top of the food ordering and menu planning and keeping up with all the laundry.

On Tuesday, I drove the Fathers and Sons (along with Matthias, who was the staff working with them, plus David and Elias) to Cathedral Ledge in North Conway where we had lunch. After that, we went to Diana’s Bath where they enjoyed a couple of hours of playing in the natural water falls and water slides there. We stopped at Ben and Jerry’s on our way back for Ice Cream. Overall, we all had a great time.

Tuesday night was a really late night for Kathy and I, as after campfire there were two campers that we needed to take to the Emergency Room in Bridgton. There was concern about a possible broken thumb or wrist on one of them, and the other had an unexplained swelling in his foot. Both ended up without serious issues, but we did not get back to camp until 1:00 am.

On Wednesday, after we got the Battalion trips out of camp, Kathy and I went to Freeport to LL Bean, and then came back and went to the drive in theater in Bridgton, where we saw Harry Potter. That night was a little earlier – we got to bed around 12:00.

Because of the shortage in the kitchen, Annie got to do some cooking as well this week. She made cookies on a couple of different occasions, and she also made Rocky Road Brownies, which were a big hit.

Peter got an opportunity to sing this week – when staff get mail, they are encouraged to sing for their mail at meal time. Since he had to order an alarm clock, when it came in he got to sing for it.

Again this week I did the JC Bible Ex and the SC Bible Ex, as well as driving boat for the Wakeboarding craft. These activities tend to take up most of the morning for me, and then I get a little down time in the afternoon.

Friday, however, I ended up in the snack shack for a little while. Matthias was running the snack shack, but the door to open the store, which is a 2′ x 4′ sheet of plywood hinged at the top, and held up by a rope, fell on him and hit his head pretty hard. He went to the infirmary for while, and I helped cover the shop for a short while until he felt well enough to come back. He seems to have no particular injury, which is something to praise God for.

One of the things that typically happens around this time of the season is that the staff begins to get tired. Three weeks of campers have come and gone, and people are starting to get run down. We are beginning to strongly encourage staff members that they need to get extra sleep, either on their day off on the weekend or during their off time each day. Please pray that the staff will work hard to keep their energy levels up and that they will still be able to offer the quality program they have been doing for the first 3 weeks.

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